To create programs that will promote the GM brand for the collective marketing areas while allowing individualized dealership branding and improving sales.

Results by the Numbers:

  • Executed over 240 LMA Programs
  • Over 1,100 LMA Dealerships
  • 10.5 Million+ Customers Engaged
  • Average 25% Conquest Records Provided by Strategic Marketing per LMA Program
  • 1.2% Overall Average Response Rate
  • Over 46,500 Units Sold
  • 0.49% Purchase Rate
  • Executed Programs in 5 out of 5 LMA Regions
  • 8 out of 10 LMA’s Renew within 6 Months

Additional Results and Features:

  • Small and large volume dealerships both experience an immediate lift in leads/UPS/sales
  • The lift is experienced simultaneously across all LMA dealerships
  • Strategic Marketing manages the campaign up to the zone teams, agency reps and LMA President/Board
  • Localization and comprehension of each LMA market AGGSA
  • GM iMR approved
  • All messaging aligned with divisional brand standards
  • Full transparency reporting with ongoing program metrics provided to agency and dealerships with final sales match and ROI 15 days after program ends

Thanks to Our Partners at Agency 720

Sending a special thank you to Agency 720 Our partnership with Agency 720 has helped to make our LMA program into what it is today.