To create programs that will promote the GM brand for the collective marketing areas while allowing individualized dealership branding and improve sales.

Results by the Numbers:

  • Executed 130 plus LMA Programs
  • Over 1,750 LMA Dealerships
  • 5.5 Million Customers Engaged
  • 40% Conquest Records Provided by Strategic Marketing
  • 1.5% Overall Average Response Rate
  • 22,000 plus Sold Units
  • 0.44% Purchase Rate
  • Executed Programs in 3 out of 5 LMA Regions
  • 8 out of 10 LMA’s Renew within 6 Months

Additional Results and Features:

  • Small and large volume dealerships both experience an immediate lift in leads/UPS/sales
  • The lift is experienced simultaneously across all LMA dealerships
  • Strategic Marketing manages the campaign up to the zone teams, agency reps and LMA President/Board
  • Localization and comprehension of each LMA market AGGSA
  • GM iMR approved
  • All messaging aligned with divisional brand standards
  • Full transparency reporting with ongoing program metrics provided to agency and dealerships with final sales match and ROI 15 days after program ends