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Sales Don’t Stop After Close. Capture More Recurring Revenue.

Our Service Builder platform allows dealers to further tap into current customers by automating touches throughout the life-cycle of car ownership. Increase your service traffic by more effectively segmenting and targeting your customer base. Get a leg up on your competition by remaining in front of your current clients. Conquest customers should not be your only target.

Service builder helps you to add more touchpoints into your marketing strategy. This will help you spend your marketing dollars even more efficiently. We have multiple designs and verbiages ready to handle your service campaign needs. Contact us or schedule a demo today to learn more about how our Service Builder platform can help your dealership retain and re-engage your customers.

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Active, Loyal Customers

Inactive, Dormant Customers

Conquest Customers

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Custom, Data-Driven Offers To Boost Your Service Revenue

Much like our other platforms, Service Builder is powered by LogiX, our proprietary analytics and data management platform. It identifies and targets ownership segments and the most profitable marketing opportunities based on different stages of ownership.

Each segment receives customized messaging relevant to the consumer’s situation. These tailored offers promote retention throughout the ownership experience encouraging the customer to visit the dealership more frequently. This life-cycle approach helps to generate revenue for years to come. With a Service Builder campaign, you will not only see an increase in ROs, but in trust for your dealership as well. This platform helps you to strengthen the relationships you have with current customers.

We know how important conquest customers are to dealerships. However, in a world where no one is brand-loyal, we also understand the growing need to keep current customers coming back. Our main goal at Strategic Marketing is to help you recruit, retain and re-engage customers. Our Service Builder platform can help you keep current customers and even restart a relationship with purchased, never serviced clients.

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