LogiX: Predictive Analytics and Data Management Platform

Strategic makes using your data easier than ever.

LogiX, our Predictive Analytics and Data Management Platform, goes way beyond simply pulling a vehicle count in a given area. Instead, it provides a 360-degree view of real, not modeled, data points. As a result, LogiX helps increase your overall ROI by discovering the most profitable opportunities for your dealership.

Data analytics and management are the heart of our company. We understand that your data is your most valuable asset, and we treat it as such. Without LogiX, we couldn’t bring you our revolutionary platforms: Empower, Sales Builder, and Service Builder. So when we say, “it all starts with LogiX,” we mean it.

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Seamlessly managing more than 2,800 accounts

A simple, effective process allows your dealership to flourish.

Integrate DMS and Conquest Data

Proprietary Data Hygiene Process

Data Organization and Structure

Analysis and Segmentation

Filter and Attack Your Market

Interactive Data Mapping

Easy data access doesn't mean softer data security

At Strategic Marketing, we use LogiX to ensure your data is clean, secure, and easy to use. By first connecting to your DMS, LogiX takes your dealership’s raw data and then turns it into a tool that helps you retain, re-engage, and recruit customers. Additionally, we can use the cleaned data to power our marketing platforms. Finally, LogiX offers predictive analytics that helps you communicate with customers more effectively.

Being the industry leader for 27 years, we know how important data is to a dealership. As a result, we were the first to become certified in the top DMS providers while effectively serving 23 others. Furthermore, with the help of LogiX, we can make sure your data is as secure as possible. After all, your data is your business, and we intend to treat it just as valuably as you do.

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Certified Storage

Safe and Secure Storage of Data

Encryption Software

Make Sure Your Data Stays in Your Hands

Confidential Data

Proprietary Data Hygiene Process

Certified Professionals

Certified Integration with 23 Different DMS Providers

Data Security

Quick, Easy and Secure Data Transfers

World of LogiX


Integrates massive quantities of data across all vendors and channels

  • 47,522,001 Sales Transactions
  • 291,521,574 Service Transactions
  • 185,000,000 VIN Specific Conquest Records
  • 6,500,000 New Mover Records

Analytics identifying when customers and prospects are in-market

  • Transaction Data Analysis
  • Trade Intelligence
  • Defector Analysis
  • Purchase Trends
  • Demographic Analysis

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