Marketing Platforms

Automated Marketing Platform

EMPOWER is our automated marketing and data mining platform. It identifies opportunities in your DMS and outside your market through LogiX. This revolutionary platform communicates automatically to your lower funnel and buying cycle opportunities. By using trigger points in your data, Empower can identify purchase behaviors and send the right messages at the right time. Automating your marketing has never been easier.

Highly Effective, Omni-Channel

Sales Builder is our highly effective, omni-channel marketing platform. It is designed to give our clients a more efficient way to communicate with their customers. Sales Builder finds the right customers for you, which allows you to supercharge your marketing efforts. With Sales Builder, dealers have experienced a 1.6% average response rate, 21 average units sold on 5,000 records, and 41 average units sold on 10,000 records.

Boost Service Revenue

Service Builder is our customer retention platform. It allows dealers to further tap into their customers by sending messages throughout the lifecycle of vehicle ownership. Increase your service traffic by more effectively segmenting and targeting your customer base. Service Builder helps you spend your marketing dollars even more efficiently. Increase your service business by identifying unique opportunities and dominate your market.

No matter how you want to advertise, our platforms make it easier

Powered by LogiX

LogiX is our Predictive Analytics and Data System. It goes way beyond simply pulling a vehicle count in a given area. Using thousands of data points, LogiX discovers the most profitable opportunities inside a specific DMS, which helps to increase your overall ROI. LogiX can transform the data your dealership has collected into a tool to help you accomplish your marketing efforts. In short, LogiX is the powerhouse behind all of our marketing platforms.

Know Your Customers

After 25+ years in the automotive industry, our experience and expertise allow us to approach data mining from a true marketing perspective. You will find that our platforms require less time and less effort from you in order to achieve your goals. In 25+ years, we have created partnerships to help you achieve your marketing goals faster. It’s just easier with us.

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