In Loving Memory of Eizabeth Campbell Moir

Elizabeth Campbell Moir | 1989 - 2021

For over eight years we had the honor and privilege to work with Elizabeth. Her energy and joy allowed everyone who worked with her to gain an instant friendship.  During her time at Strategic Marketing she was always up for a challenge, unfortunately, the new challenge was cancer. She approached this the same way she did everything else – with humor, preparation, and bravery.

On August 27th, 2021, Elizabeth lost her battle with cancer, but through it all, she never stopped fighting. She will always be missed and loved by her Strategic Family.

We would like to continue Elizabeth’s effort to raise awareness around the stigma of Lung Cancer. If you would like to donate in her honor, click the link below.

Donate to ALK Positive

ALK stands for anaplastic lymphoma kinase. It was originally described in lymphoma, but most ALK-positive cancers are in non-small cell lung cancer. The ALK gene is in your body when you are an embryo. It helps in the development of the gut and nervous system. It gets turned off while you are still in the womb. For some people, it gets turned back on and fuses (joins) with another gene. This gene change is called an ALK fusion or ALK rearrangement and can cause cancer. When ALK fuses or joins with another gene and causes lung cancer, a patient is said to be ALK-positive.

ALK can fuse with different genes. The most common one is called EML4. Even within EML4, there are different types depending on exactly where ALK fused with the gene. At this point, the recommended course of treatment is the same for most patients who are ALK positive, regardless of the very specific type of ALK rearrangement you may have.