DMS Partnerships

A seamless integration with your DMS.

Strategic Marketing understands the importance of moving your data fast and effortlessly while maintaining data security. This is why we have created a faster, more secure way to transfer your dealership’s data.  We have become certified by ALL of the top DMS providers in the country, as well as effectively serving 23 other DMS providers. Improving our customer’s experience is our #1 priority.

  • Faster Data Access
  • Fewer Disruptions
  • Faster Campaign Deployment
  • High-Level Data Security
  • Robust Analytics
  • Privacy Focused
  • Data Integrity
  • Free Up IT Staff

Easy data access doesn't mean softer data security

We use LogiX, our predictive analytics and data management platform, to ensure that your data is clean, secure, and easy to use. By connecting to your DMS, LogiX takes your dealership’s raw data and turns it into a tool that helps you to retain, re-engage, and recruit customers.

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Certified Storage

Safe and Secure Storage of Data

Encryption Software

Make Sure Your Data Stays in Your Hands

Confidential Data

Proprietary Data Hygiene Process

Certified Professionals

Certified Integration with 23 Different DMS Providers

Data Security

Quick, Easy and Secure Data Transfers
Certified DMS Partnerships

Your data is your business - treat it valuably.

We are proud to be leading this charge by being THE first marketing company in the automotive space to become “Certified” by all the top DMS providers. Certification requires us to follow strict standards, putting your mind at ease while knowing you are partnering with a company that has your best interest in mind.

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