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Sales Builder is our highly effective, omni-channel marketing platforms. This platform gives our clients a more efficient way to communicate with their customers. As a result, Sales Builder ensures that your dealership has the highest close rates available from initial contact to follow-up. In addition, it finds the right customers for you, which allows you to supercharge your marketing efforts.

Our results speak for themselves

Generating Qualified Leads to Drive ROI


Average Response Rate


Average Records per Campaign


Average Units Sold


Average Units Purchased
We are the game changers in this industry

An Industry-Leading Company Who Works with the Best


Out of the Top 10 Dealer Groups


Out of the Top 25 Dealer Groups


Out of the Top 40 Dealer Groups
Direct Mail
Banner Ads
14-21 Day Program
Automated Follow-Up System
Multi-Touch Impressions
Transparent ROI and Activity Reports

More Accurate Targeting,

More Effective Campaigns,

More Quality Leads.

Your data will tell us the story of how to capitalize on your market. LogiX, our data management platform, provides the insights needed to supercharge your sales. By discovering the most profitable opportunities inside your DMS, and surrounding market, LogiX helps increase your overall ROI. Once cleaned, we use your data to power our marketing platforms. Finally, LogiX offers predictive analytics that helps you communicate with customers more effectively.

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