6-Time Winner

Earning this distinction of being one of the best places to work is an incredible achievement. We are proud to be a 6-time winner of this employee-voted award.

Automated Data Mining with EMPOWER

Empower from Strategic Marketing is a new way of automated data mining using outside market opportunities and your database. Sign up for a demo of the platform today!


Dealer Choice Award 15-Time Winner

Thank you for voting us as a 2020 Dealer Choice Award winner for Best Direct Marketing Company!


New Year. New Start.

The automotive marketing solution you have been waiting for.

Use your data to generate more quality opportunities

The Data Mining Revolution Has Evolved With Empower

Our proprietary platform, Empower, identifies purchase behaviors then sends the right communications at the right time. With Empower, you can automate your marketing efforts and remain in front of your clients and prospects.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 1-2% Average Purchase Rate
  • 26 Deployments Per Month On Average
  • No Training Needed, No Dashboard to Learn
  • ROI Transparency and Reporting
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Certified DMS Vendor & OEM Proven

Strategic Marketing is the only marketing engine certified by all major DMS providers, trusted by thousands of dealers and multiple manufacturers.

Certified DMS Vendor & OEM Proven

Strategic Marketing is proud to be certified by all major DMS providers. To become experts in automotive marketing, we made data our top priority and understand the importance of moving your data fast, effortlessly and securely. Because of this, we have been trusted by thousands of dealers and multiple manufacturers for over 25+ years.
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I’m Interested In Empower

With Empower, our leads respond to you, requiring less time, less effort and generating more revenue for your dealership!

I’m Interested In Event-Based Services

We offer the most advanced, data-driven services for automotive marketing. We are DMS certified, OEM proven and ever-ready to handle anything your dealership may need. 

We Have The Vision To Innovate

Elevate your business with Strategic Marketing's proprietary platforms and services.

Right Data

Our proprietary analytics and data management platform, LogiX, identifies the most profitable opportunities to target. With the help of LogiX, we can help you avoid wasted marketing dollars.

Right Message

We craft custom messages for each campaign and pair them with compelling creative designs for a marketing campaign that is proven to drive results.

Right Process

Our Right Process is finding the Right Data and the Right Message with the help of our experienced team members, making us the Right People for your automotive campaigns.

We provide a fresh perspective that creates a competitive advantage for our clients.

We provide a fresh perspective that creates

a competitive advantage for our clients.


Here at Strategic Marketing, we strive to be different and challenge the norm. We have done this by recruiting the best talent available. As a team, we are unstoppable. We ARE the disrupters in the automotive marketing industry.


After 25 years of being in the automotive marketing industry, we have found the perfect formula. It takes the Right Data, Right Message, Right Process, and to make it all come together, you must have the Right People. Our staff is fully-equipped to handle any and all of the marketing needs your dealership may have.

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