Create a targeted service campaign for the dealerships in a Northeast Cadillac to help them bring in continuous revenue during the global semiconductor chip shortage, and to help them retain more of their current customer base. 


Solutions Implemented:

  • Integrated each dealership’s various databases and ran through Strategic Marketing’s proprietary data analytics system LogiX to clean, filter, and analyze the information. Strategic then identified the appropriate individuals to target, the timing in which to target them, and generated data set rotations for each dealership
  • Ensured that each piece was designed with all Cadillac brand requirements yet still individualized to the dealership
  • Utilized messaging that appealed to longtime customers, sold-never-serviced customers, and even new customers within the dealership’s market


  • Average 2,091 pieces mailed per dealership 
  • Average 80% previous customers per dealership 
  • Average 159 ROs per dealership 
  • Average 8.56% response rate
  • Average $385.37 spend per customer