To create a monthly marketing program with a consistent message for 15 dealerships representing multiple brands in the Northeast market area, and to find the “Best” market opportunities that existed inside the client’s various databases without overlapping names per dealership.


Solutions Implemented:

  • Through Strategic Marketing’s proprietary data and analytics system, LogiX, 500,000 records of data were cleaned and analyzed, and the high-value targets for each month identified and targeted. Through the intense cleaning process, Strategic was able to eliminate records from the system that should not be mailed or targeted.
  • On-going account management of each database ensured every customer was not over-targeted each month — this eliminated crossover of databases that prevented issues between dealerships and their customers.



  • Strategic identified a smaller sub-set of names to target that led to a reduction in the total monthly mailing size and significantly reduced wasted mail for the client.
  • Total units sold per program almost doubled with less mail sent. Each month, as the data sub-sets continued analyzation through Strategic’s LogiX, the client experienced a continued increase in sales and ROI.
  • Strategic was able to reduce the total mailing size for the client by almost 33% and increase ROI.
  • The total cost per unit sold continued to decrease each month.