The Objective:

To create a 3rd Party Staffed Event program for Stellantis (formerly FCA) to enhance their marketing efforts to increase sales of new Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram vehicles.

There were two main goals:

  1. To increase the effectiveness of the handling of inbound sales calls to the dealership
  2. Provide a more targeted marketing approach for a better customer experience

Solutions Implemented:

  • Utilized our proprietary LogiX Data Analytics Platform to analyze each dealership’s database and our VIN-specific conquest data to identify the best-in-market opportunities and find the best-performing conquest opportunities.

  • Used a NO GIFTS | NO GIMMICKS approach that had an average response rate of 1.6%.

  • Executed a multi-touch marketing campaign using three personalized direct mail communications and two email communications with four easy ways for the consumer to respond, resulting in excellent customer experience and quality leads.

  • Our VIP event call center handled all inbound sales calls during the campaign and created scheduled appointments, and identified unique actions required by the dealership that would develop into additional appointments and showroom activity.

  • Implemented our VIP appointment process to increase the consumer experience on-site and enhance the dealership’s image. Strategic provided on-site event activation and dealership training during the event for the VIP appointment process.


  • 97 Events

  • 701,521 Initial Mail Drop

  • Average 7,454 Records per Dealership

  • 5,585 Total Leads Generated

  • 55% Resulted in Quality Appointments

  • Averaged 21 Cars on Every 5,000 Pieces of Mail