Empower: Automated Marketing Platform

Integration Analysis: Breaks down the Sales and Service transactions received and by communication type
Market Intelligence Map: Gives a visual of how you are penetrating the market
Segmentation Review: Displays the number of records available per segment type
Integration Report: Calculation of your DMS and what type of records are available

Automate Your Data Mining

Empower is our automated marketing and data mining platform that continuously identifies all database and conquest opportunities through LogiX. This revolutionary platform communicates automatically to your lower funnel and other buying cycle opportunities. Empower can identify purchase behaviors for you by using trigger points in your data. Then, it will send the right messages at the right time. Automating your marketing has never been easier.

GM-Approved Equity Mining Vendor

We are excited to be an approved GM Equity Mining vendor with our Empower platform.

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More revenue, less effort

Close sales at rates 4X more effectively than the NADA average

Empower generates actual in-bound quality leads versus your team searching through 1,000’s of long-shot opportunities.

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Empower is one of the best tools my store has implemented. Works behind the scenes and takes all the work off my plate. I have immense trust in this platform to communicate with customers weekly. Clear and easy to read reporting has shown me the massive ROI empower has given my store

Vince AmarjoGM, McDonald Hyundai

NuCar recommends the Empower Platform to help drive traffic, leads, and service appointments to your dealership!

Tracy GellAdvertising Director, NuCar Chevrolet and NuCar Mazda


Average Purchase Rate - Not Response Rate


Average Cost Per Unit Sold


Average Cost Per Unit Sold - Previous Customers


Average Cost Per Unit Sold - Conquest Customers


NADA Reported Industry Average Cost Per Sale

Take a deeper look into each customer's path to purchasing

Several unique situations can occur during a customer’s journey. Typically, there is a 5-12 week time frame before a customer will decide. Empower is excellent at identifying triggers throughout a customer’s journey. Then, it will deploy a tailored message using several methods.

Leslie’s Customer Journey | Total of six communications with three unique messages over two months

She is a current customer with a higher interest rate, which created an unusually high payment. This was an excellent opportunity to retain her. The dealership strengthened their relationship by lowering her payment and using the service department. This produced two revenue streams for the dealership and continued the communication by connecting after her service appointment.

Retain High Interest Customer

Create awareness of the opportunity with the customer

Recruit New Service Customer

Triggers a response with a service offer

Re-engage Post Service Customer

Triggers a response to trade-in and purchase a new vehicle

Ben’s Customer Journey | Total of eight communications with four unique messages over 3.5 months

He is a previous customer that has not been back to the dealership for a couple of years. Re-establishing a connection was achieved through consistent but varied messaging. Each customer is different, so finding the right message to trigger a response can take time. In this case, two responses were triggered, resulting in a sales and service activity.

Re-engage Lost Customer

Beginning to re-engage the customer

Re-engage Equity Customer

Continues to establish re-engagement while informing the customer

Re-engage Lost Service Customer

Triggers a response with a service offer

Re-engage Post Service Customer

Triggers a response to trade-in and purchase a new vehicle.

Jennifer’s Customer Journey | Total of seven communications with three unique messages over three months

She recently moved into the market, which created an excellent opportunity to recruit her with a service offer. The dealership continued the relationship by following up after the service visit and promptly sent her a sales offer, which caused her to respond. Now the dealership gained a new customer in their sales and service departments.

Recruit Conquest Customer

Triggers a response with a service offer

Re-engage Post Service

Establishes re-engagement following the service visit

Recruit New Sales Customer

Triggers a response to trade-in and purchase a new vehicle

CO-OP and Compliance Approved Brands

Fully Automated Data Mining

Empower identifies opportunities within your DMS and your surrounding market area through LogiX. In addition, our years of marketing experience allow us to approach data mining from a true marketing perspective. As a result, Empower, and our other platforms, are producing the highest ROI in the industry.

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