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Empower: Automated Marketing Platform




EMPOWER: A new way of automated data mining using outside market opportunities and your database. Designed to be an easy-to-use platform that communicates to your lower funnel leads requiring minimal effort from you. Based off our Logix Predictive Analytics and Data System, Empower can identify purchase behaviors and send communications at the right time. Empower takes less than 15 minutes of training and automatically communicates with your customers and prospects every month.


Strategic Marketing’s 24 years of Marketing experience allows us to approach data mining from a “marketing perspective”, not just a tool for data mining.  This is why our results are producing the highest ROI in the space.  With EMPOWER, our leads will Respond to you requiring Less Time, Less Effort and generating More Revenue for your dealership.

Spend your time running your business, not another software program and get these results!

Average: 1% - 2% Purchase Rate

Under $149 per Unit Sold

Training Time on System: 15 Minutes, 1-Time Only - No Reoccurring Training Needed

Create 6 Months of Marketing in Less than 2 Minutes

Through 100’s of interviews we found what dealers wanted and did not want!

No New Dashboards

Not Another Process to Manage

A System Which is Automated

Ability to Communicate to their Customers and Market Opportunities

Transparent Results

Minimal Time Invested

100% Communication with All Leads

No Manual Process