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Certified DMS Vendor


It is really important for our organization to use a certified vendor for data integration. That is why we use Strategic, they understand the importance of data security and take it as seriously as we do.
–Alison Centore, Director of Marketing, Sheehy Auto Stores

Strategic Marketing understands the importance of keeping your data safe and secure.  After all, it’s your dealership’s most valuable asset.  This is why we have become certified by ALL of the top DMS providers in the country.


We are proud to be leading this charge and are among one of the first marketing companies in the automotive space to become “Certified” by all the top DMS providers and integrators.  Certification requires us to follow strict standards which can put your mind at ease knowing you are partnering with a company who has your best interest in mind.

There are several benefits to “certification” and/or “preferred” status:

Data Security



Data Integrity

Faster Data Access

 Fewer Data Flow Disruptions

More Robust Analytics

• No More Delays In Marketing Deployments

No More Wasting Valuable Time of Dealership’s IT Staff

To learn more on what this means to your dealership and why doing business with Strategic Marketing is a right choice, call one our knowledgeable representatives.  They will be excited to give you the full insight on how we can provide you a safe, secure and proper way of accessing your data immediately!


To authorize Strategic Marketing to have access to your CDK DMS click here.

Strategic Marketing CDK Third Party Access Program Marketing Letter


We are proud to add our certification through Reynolds & Reynolds.

Strategic Marketing Press Release: Reynolds & Reynolds

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