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Digital Marketing



At Strategic Marketing, we pride ourselves on being the experts in Automotive Direct Marketing.  For over 20 years, we have been partnering with automotive dealers and OEMs providing marketing and advertising solutions that are results driven and ROI focused.


Digital technology has created a revolution around how consumers shop for vehicles.  With all of these changes, automotive dealers need to stay ahead of the curve in identifying and communicating with their prospects and customers.  This is where Strategic Marketing comes in.  Our proprietary data and analytics platform enables our automotive clients to identify and communicate with lower-funnel, in-market, ready-to-purchase prospects and current customers.  In addition to identifying the right customer at precisely the right time, our platform delivers multiple impressions designed to generate hand raisers and ultimately new-vehicle buyers for our clients.


Our proprietary, multi-channel platform embraces the latest digital technologies enabling our clients the ability to communicate with their prospects and customers in real-time, with the method that their customers prefer.  Be it web, email, mobile or mailbox, our clients have all the bases covered when communicating with their target markets.

Video Enabled Email Campaigns


Take your marketing to the next level with video enabled email, the perfect complement to your direct marketing campaigns. Strategic Marketing has fused email marketing with customizable video capabilities to create a truly unique and effective way to engage with your potential buyers.

  • Customers who watch videos are 85% more likely to purchase
  • 65% of customers who view a video, click through to visit the retailers websites
  • 41% of actual auto buyers visited a dealership after watching an online video ad
  • Video landing pages increased conversion rates by 86% (a conversion rate is a lead where they asked for more information and converted into a lead through phone or email or request)

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