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Case Studies

FCA Business Centers


Create a 3rd Party Staffed Event program for FCA to enhance their marketing efforts to increase sales of new Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Fiat automobiles. There were two main goals: To increase the effectiveness of the handling of inbound sales calls to the dealership and provide a more targeted marketing approach for a better customer experience.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Strategic Marketing utilized their proprietary Logix Data Analytics Platform to analyze each individual dealerships database to identify the best in-market opportunities and to find the best performing conquest opportunities. These would then be matched up with Strategic Marketing’s VIN specific conquest list.

  • Strategic Marketing used a NO GIFTS | NO GIMMICKS approach that had an average response rate of 1.6%.

  • Strategic Marketing executed a Multi Touch marketing campaign using three personalized direct mail communications and two email communications with four easy ways for the consumer to respond resulting in a great customer experience and quality leads.

  • Strategic Marketing’s V.I.P. Event Call Center handled all inbound sales calls during the campaign and created scheduled appointments and identified unique actions required by the dealership that would develop into additional appointments and showroom activity.

  • Strategic Marketing also implemented their V.I.P. Appointment process to increase the consumer experience on-site and enhance the image of the dealership. Strategic provided on-site event activation and dealership training during the event for the V.I.P. Appointment Process.


  • 97 Events

  • 701,521 Initial Mail Drop

  • Average 7,454 Pieces of Mail

  • 5,585 Total Leads Generated

  • 55% Resulted in Quality Appointments

  • Averaged 21 Cars on Every 5,000 Pieces of Mail

Northeast Auto Group


To create a monthly marketing program with a consistent message for 15 dealerships representing multiple brands in the Northeast market area, and to find the “Best” market opportunities that existed inside the client’s multiple databases without overlapping names per store.


Solutions Implemented:

  • Through Strategic Marketing’s proprietary data analytics system Logix, 500,000 records of data were cleaned and analyzed, and the high-value targets for each month were identified and targeted. In addition, through the intense cleaning process, Strategic was able to eliminate records from the system that should not be mailed or targeted.
  • On-going account management of each database ensured every customer was not over-targeted on a monthly basis. In addition, this eliminated crossover of databases that prevented issues between stores and their customers.



  • Strategic identified a smaller sub-set of names to target that led to a reduction in the total monthly mailing size and significantly reduced wasted mail for the client
  • Total units sold per program almost doubled with less mail being sent. Each month, as the data sub-sets continued to be analyzed through Strategic’s Logix data system, the client experienced a continued increase in sales and ROI.
  • Strategic was able to reduce the total mailing size for the client by almost 33% and increase ROI.
  • Total cost per unit sold continued to decrease each month.

Kia Central Region


KIA’s Central Region was looking to drive sales of the 2014 KIA Soul, 2015 KIA Optima LX and 2015 KIA Sorento LX marketing to competitive owners during its Sign It & Drive It Sales Event. The Central Region had 2 goals: Increase sales and capture additional market share.



  • Strategic Marketing developed and executed a 60-day campaign targeting 150,000 conquest (competitive) owners.
  • Strategic used their Proprietary Logix data system to analyze each market along with their National Trade-In Analytics Report to find the top vehicles traded in for Kia’s in each market. This list was then filtered further to develop the best Competitive vehicle acquisition mailing list possible to increase response while avoiding wasted mail.
  • A creative strategy was developed using KIA’s Sign It & Drive It tag line and offering 0% Down, $0 Due at Signing and $0 First Month Payment along with a lease payment.
  • Integrated a sweepstakes to win a new car for each market to help drive traffic to participating KIA dealers./li>
  • Developed a hot sheet that was sent to all dealers which contained mailing creative and overview of program details.



  • Program was developed and launched within 3 weeks.
  • 812 new KIA’s were sold in a 90 days sales match – 434 were sold in the first 45 days and 378 were sold in the next 45 days after the event ended.

Virginia Dealer Group


Create a long-term plan to produce consistent results in a market that is over saturated with direct mail.


Solutions Implemented:

  • Integrated each dealership’s various databases and ran through Strategic Marketing’s proprietary data analytics system LogiX to clean, filter and analyze the information. Strategic then identified the appropriate individuals to target, the timing in which to target them and generated data set rotations for each store.
  • Able to segment each stores customer’s to prevent overlapping into the other stores databases.
  • Devised a target game plan and strategy around messaging to increase response that helped each store increase their market share.



  • Strategic identified the high-value targets as well as the right number of mail pieces to send throughout the year, which significantly reduced wasted mail for the client.
  • Total units sold per program doubled with less mail being sent due to targeting the right people at the right time with the right message.